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Diagnostic Equipment

Railway Street Garage have been, and continue to use, the same professional Volvo VIDA and Dice Diagnostic  equipment as main dealers to diagnose faults and program the cars computers. The Volvo Vida Diagnostics Kit system automatically updates from the Volvo central server to ensure all the latest updates are available.


Diagnostics has become our key area and with more electrical and computer controlled items being fitted to cars we are seeing an increasing number of faults occurring.

Fault-finding and rectification requires expensive dedicated test equipment and well trained technicians of which we have both. This places us in a strong position to provide "Diagnostic Services" to the general public and trade alike.


We have the experience and capabilities to fault find Volvos' electrical systems to component level. We are able to supply, fit and program new and sometimes used Volvo electronic control modules and ECU'S. There are many electronic modules fitted to a Volvo, where possible we can fault find and repair.


Common Faults:

Water damaged ECU'S

Corrupted BCM modules

Shorted/damaged modules

Electronic steering lock failure

ABS mechanical/electronic faults

Misfire on petrol and diesel engines

Battery drains

Immobiliser and alarm

Head Unit 

Our range of electrical services


  • Alternator

  • Starter Motor

  • Headlamps

  • Wiring Looms

  • Electric Windows

  • Battery faults

  • Battery drain

  • Coil Packs

  • Fuse boxes

  • ECU replacement

  • Alarm faults

  • Immobiliser

  • Re-mapping

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